Supporting the continuation of teaching STEM subjects during the COVID-19 Pandemic through project-based online practices



The project builds a strategic partnership for Digital Education Readiness in the field of STEM education, aiming at reinforcing the ability of school education to provide high quality, inclusive digital education in the field of STEM with the focus on building capacity to implement online, distance teaching and learning.The project aims at supporting secondary school teachers of STEM subjects in continuing their teaching online. In achieving this goal, an online course with 4 projects will be developed with a focus on Physics, Math, Engineering and Programming.

The innovative aspect of the project is that instead of simply providing ready-made resources, it smoothly reveals the methodology (pedagogical and technical) upon which these resources are designed. In other words, the teachers not only use the resources for carrying out the 4 projects, but also explore how these resources are designed.

Having practically engaged the teachers in the 4 projects and released the online/distance methodology, the project goes a step further by calling the teachers to design their own projects and resources and test for students them online with students with the support of the project team. In this way, the project ensures that the knowledge gained is really put into practice.

Main outputs include:

  • The pedagogical handbook which includes the development of the online/distance methodology: project-based learning, supporting teamwork, serving synchronous teaching (live webinars) and asynchronous online classes.

  • The online course that revolves around the development of 4 exemplary interdisciplinary STEM projects for secondary school education.

  • The development of Open Educational Resources that follows the project methodology and results in STEM projects and OERs for students for online education.

The partnership aims at promoting networking of institutions across the EU, sharing of resources and expertise, collaboration with digital technology experts in STEM Education and finally contributing to the development of online & distance pedagogical practices based on project- based learning and costructivism/constructionism pedagogy as a response to the challenges faced during the pandemic outbreak

Scheda tecnica


Erasmus+,KA226,Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness




Project Duration

From 01 March 2021 to 28 February 2023

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OUTPUTS /risorse per i docenti

OUTPUTS /risorse per i docenti

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Eventi e disseminazione



coordinatrice BeReady IIS Cavazzi: annamarialisotti@cavazzisorbelli.it